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10th August - 16th August 2019

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Vegetarian Dolma (v)£12.90
Vine leaves with rice, lentils & herbs (served hot or cold).
Vegetarian Golubtsy (v)£12.90
"Pasuts Tolma" Armenian dish with red kidney beans, lentils, chick peas, bulgur, rice, fried onions & tomatoes in cabbage leaves (served hot or cold).
Hailasan (v)£14.50
Fried aubergines, red & green peppers, onions, green beans, tomatoes, carrots & fresh herbs - served with rice.
Kartoshka (v)£14.50
Home-made fried potatoes with fried onions & mushrooms.
Traditional Armenian chicken and wheat kernel stew.
Traditional Georgian baby cjicken & tomato stew and served with rice.
Chicken Fillet£14.50
Stuffed with mushrooms, fried onions, tomatoes, red peppers, fresh parsley & mayonnaise and served with fried baby potatoes.
Mushroom Stroganoff (v)£14.90
Mushrooms with fried onions in a sour cream sauce - served with rice or fried baby potatoes.
Chicken Otbivnaya£14.90
Chicken fillet baked with cheese and served with a mushroom sauce & fried baby potatoes.
Russian Golubtsy£14.90
Cabbage rolls with minced beef, rice and herbs cooked in a tomato sauce served with sour cream.
Armenian Dolma£14.90
Vine leaves stuffed with minced lamb, rice, & herbs served with a garlic-flavoured yoghurt.
Indeyka v Mindale£14.90
Tender turkey breast fillet coated in almonds and golden fried served in an orange cream sauce with fried baby potatoes.
Indeyka s Ovashami£14.90
Tender strips turkey breast fried with vegetables served with rice or fried baby potatoes.
Pork fillet baked with cheese and served with a mushroom sauce & fried baby potatoes.
Georgian stew with tender lamb, potatoes, aubergines, tomatoes, fresh herbs & slightly spiced - served in a clay pot.
Kotleta Po Domashnemu£15.90
Russian pan-fried veal patties served with rice or mashed potatoes (chicken available).
Lamb chops with tomatoes, potatoes, red & green peppers, onions, fresh dill and coriander - cooked in beer.
"Ker U Sus"£16.90
("Eat & Be Quiet") Armenian dish made with beef fillet strips, tomatoes, green & red peppers, peas, gherkins & fresh coriander - served with fried baby potatoes.
Home-made fried potatoes with onions and a choice of diced lamb, pork or beef.
Chicken Kiev£16.90
Tender chicken breast coated in golden breadcrumbs & stuffed with herbs, garlic and butter - served with fried baby potatoes.
Yazik Teliachy£16.90
Tender strips of veal tongue in a light creamy sauce with mushrooms - served with rice.
Rabbit fillet in a creamy mushroom sauce served with rice.
Duck Breast £18.90
Fillet stuffed with mushrooms, fried onions, red peppers & tomatoes - served with fried baby potatoes.
Chicken Tabaka£18.90
Whole baby chicken flattened & marinated in spices and lemon juice. Grilled & garnished with garlic and fresh parlsey - served with fried baby potatoes.
Rice "pilav" with tender lamb fillet, carrots, onions & mixed with spices and barbaris.
Marinated quails fried and served with fried baby potatoes and a special home-made sauce on the side.
Beef Stroganoff£21.50
Tender strips of veal sauteed in a rich red wine & sour cream sauce with mushrooms - served with rice or fried baby potatoes.
(v) suitable for vegetarians.
Some dishes may contain traces of nuts. Please make us aware of any allergies.
A discretionary 12.5% service charge shall be added to the bill All prices are inclusive of VAT
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